Making A Best Offer on Ebay

Many of our items are listed with a best offer option, yet we are often surprised at how few people know how to negotiate a best offer price on eBay. When you find an item you like on eBay, and it features a best offer option, this means that the seller may be willing to negotiate a different price. Unlike an auction, a best offer option means that the seller might be willing to take less for an item. When you see a best offer option on eBay, you’ll have a chance at success if you make a reasonable offer. Typically, 5-20% of the total price would be considered a good offer for an item you are looking to get discounted. Sellers may take the first offer you submit, or they may try to negotiate with you. You can add comments to your offer, and you should be willing to negotiate. eBay allows you to make up to three offers for an item, so if your first offer is counter offered, then feel free to make another offer that is closer to the counter offer. Sellers are not insulted by low offers, but typically an item is priced competitively based on what similar items are selling for on eBay. If you make a fair offer, no more than 5-20% off the listed price, you may have success at getting a discounted price.

You will note in our store that not all items are listed with a best offer option. Typically, we don’t negotiate prices on low ticket items or items we feel are very fairly priced. We do a lot of research when pricing items and we try to be fair on all of our prices. However, if you see an item you like, and you would like to make an offer, even if a best offer option is not available, you can always send us a message explaining that you would like us to consider a lower option. We may not always negotiate on price, but in some cases we will.

Shop our store for many unique vintage and collectible items. And good luck negotiating!