How we Authenticate Handbags

Authenticating a designer handbag can be quite challenging, especially when there are so many good “fakes” in the market place. We use a combination of our own personal experience and trusted authentication sites to authenticate whether a bag is real or fake. While we cannot disclose all of the methods we use to authenticate a bag, buyers can rest assured that we are very proactive about selling authentic bags on eBay.

If you are interested in purchasing a handbag from us, from our eBay store, you can rest assured that all of our bags are rigorously reviewed before they are listed for sale. Many of our handbags that are for sale are verified authentic using the following process:

  1. We do our own personal in house due diligence to authenticate a bag, checking the material, verifying serial numbers, examining stitching, etc – if we are not 100% sure, we move on to the next step
  2. We may use an third party authentication service to verify that a purse is authentic – this second pair of eyes helps us determine with almost 100% accuracy whether a bag is genuine or not; or
  3. For very high end bags, we use eBay authenticate to additionally authenticate a bag for us before it is listed for sale

eBay is very proactive at ensuring that their marketplace is free of fake designer bags as well. Representatives from designer handbag companies, as well as eBay personnel analyze every eBay listing to ensure that all bags being sold on eBay are authentic.  If a bag is listed for sale that eBay deems a fake, the listing is automatically removed from eBay and a seller’s right to sell on eBay become in jeopardy.

We would never knowingly sell a fake designer handbag, nor do we condone such activity. We work very hard to ensure that eBay is a great place to buy designer bags and we do our part to ensure that every bag we sell is authentic. Is it possible that one could slip through? We are human and mistakes can happen, in which case we would stand behind the product and issue a full refund on the bags return (after which it would be destroyed) However, it is not very likely that we would ever sell a fake handbag – there is just too much at stake to risk it, and too many safeguards in place to avoid it.

We hope this will put your mind at ease when purchasing a designer handbag from RI Consignment. Should you have any questions about a bag or if you would like a third party authentication for any of the bags listed for sale, please ask.