Ending Auctions Early

We do not make it a policy to end auctions early for any reason. According to the eBay website, “When you choose to end a listing early, buyers may be disappointed. If you regularly end listings early, your account may be subject to account restrictions or other consequences.” eBay also charges fees for ending listings early and although there are exceptions, eBay is not very forgiving or understanding of ending auctions early. Therefore, it is our company policy that we do not end auctions early for any reason. If you place a bid and wish to retract it and it is more than 12 hours before the auction ends, please contact eBay for a bid retraction from. If you place a bid and you are the high bidder, you will win the auction, and the item will be sent to you promptly upon receipt of your payment. If you want to cancel an order, please contact us before we ship the item.

Unpaid Items

Payment for items is expected within 48 hours from the time the item is sold. We will make every effort to contact our buyers if an invoice goes unpaid for more than 24 hours and we are willing to work with buyers who are awaiting funds to their PayPal account. If you need to make special arrangements with us for payment, for a little more time, please contact us and explain your situation. If you do not contact us and if we are unable to reach you, your order will be cancelled and the item will be relisted.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, or if there were any issues with an item you purchased from us, please contact us immediately. We accept returns within 30 days and we issue refunds when an item is returned to us in its original listed condition. If the item is new, has tags attached, has packaging intact, etc. and is returned exactly as listed, we will issue a no questions asked refund.

Please note that we do not refund for shipping or return shipping unless there was an erroneous error in the listing. If an item is new, it must be returned in the exact condition as listed (with tags, etc) for a refund. Each item is described as honestly and completely as possible. Pre owned items should not be expected to arrive in NEW condition – some degree of wear should be expected. Please view all images provided to aid in your opinion of condition. If additional photos are needed, or if you need further info on a listing, please email us.


Please do not rely on the listed size for your correct fit.  Designers often use different measurements depending on the overall look they desire, and pre-worn items may have been altered or slightly shrunk.  The best way to ensure your correct fit is to compare the measurements listed to an item that fits you well.

Damaged and Non Working Items

If an item arrives damaged, we will issue a full refund, including shipping. We take great care when packaging items. If an item arrives damaged, we will issue a refund once we receive a confirmation of the damage. Typically, a photo of the damage will suffice for us to issue a refund immediately. If it is an electronic device that is not working properly, we will ask that you ship the item back to us and we will pay for return shipping.

Lost or late packages

Once an item is shipped, we have no control over the shipping of the item – it becomes the responsibility of the postal carrier and it is out of our hands. We typically ship all orders within 1 business day using first class or priority mail from the USPS. If your item does not arrive in a timely fashion, please contact us. We will first put a request to the post office to locate the package and we will provide you with tracking to help locate the package. We request that you wait up to 30 days for any refund to be processed for a lost item. In most cases, a lost item is typically delivered within the 30 day period once the post office locates the item. If an item is not delivered within 30 days, we will issue a refund. If you receive the item and a refund has been issued, we ask that you return the item to us or process a pay pal payment to pay for the item.

Slot Machine Sales

State and Federal laws, and eBay, prohibit the sales of slot machines in certain states. We operate in full compliance with the Gambling Devices Act of 1962. It is imperative that the customer verify laws regarding ownership of gambling devices in the State in which you reside. RI Consignment provides a State-by-State reference chart below, however it is the sole responsibility of the customer (buyer) to determine and verify their own State’s, County’s, Township’s or Municipality’s laws, statutes, and or ordinances for private home ownership of slot machines and/or gambling devices.

RI Consignment makes no warranties and accepts no liability for content of the referenced chart below. As a Buyer, you agree that you are responsible for checking State and Local laws prior to purchase. RI Consignment makes no representation as the legality of use and/or ownership of any slot machine in any state. Private home ownership of slot machines is limited to entertainment and amusement purchases only. Unless specifically permitted by law, the use of privately owned gambling devices for gambling for profit is strictly prohibited.

As the Buyer, you agree that any item purchased from RI Consignment will not be used for unauthorized/illegal gambling. Any Buyer who violates this provision by conducting any act deemed illegal in their State will hold RI Consignment (seller) harmless, and in addition, agrees to defend any and all adverse claims made against the Seller at the Buyer’s expense.

RI Consignment will not ship any slot machine to any state in which ownership of such device is prohibited by law. Some States have specific requirements for private ownership stipulating the slot machine must be altered not to accept currency. Many of the states depicted in the reference chart below may have such requirements. Please contact us for specific details.

Customer pick up of slot machines is available from our location in Scituate, RI during business hours or by appointment. Local home delivery, when offered by RI Consignment, will only be made to States in which private ownership of a slot machine is permitted by law.

We do not sell or ship outside the contiguous United States. Laws change from time to time. If you have any questions about your State laws as they pertain to slot machines for home use, please contact your state’s attorney general office.

See the chart below for slot machine restrictions by state, where applicable.


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we are happy to leave feedback for our customers. Typically, we wait until after an item has been paid and shipped, and received to ensure safe delivery and satisfaction before leaving feedback.

We leave positive feedback for all positive feedback we receive. If you cannot leave positive feedback, please contact us to discuss your situation so that we may come to a reasonable understanding.


Slot Machine Restrictions for Ownership by State

Alaska ALL LEGAL Alaska Statutes – Section 11.66.260
Arizona ALL LEGAL Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3301 – 13-3309
Arkansas ALL LEGAL N/A
Kentucky ALL LEGAL Kentucky Revised Statutes 528.080
Maine ALL LEGAL Maine Revised Statutes Title 17A – Chapter 39
Minnesota ALL LEGAL Minnesota Statutes and Criminal Laws
Ohio ALL LEGAL Ohio Revised Code
Rhode Island ALL LEGAL Rhode Island General Laws
Texas ALL LEGAL Texas Statutes Chapter 47
Virginia ALL LEGAL N/A
West Virginia ALL LEGAL N/A
California MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER California Penal Code 330.7
Colorado MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1984 Colorado Revised Statutes 12-47.1-103
Delaware MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER 28 Delaware 904
Florida MACHINES 20 YEARS OR OLDER Florida Statutes 849.235
Georgia MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1950 Georgia Code Title 16, Sec. 16-12-24
Idaho MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1950 Idaho Statutes Title 18, 3810
Illinois MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Illinois Compiled Statutes 720 5/28-1
Iowa MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Iowa Code 725.9
Kansas MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1950 Kansas Statutes 21-4306
Louisiana MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Louisiana Title 15:31-1
Maryland MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Maryland Code Article 27-264B
Massachusetts MACHINES 30 YEARS OR OLDER Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 271, Sec. 5A
Michigan MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Michigan Compiled Statutes 750.303
Mississippi MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Mississippi Code 27-27-12
Missouri MACHINES 30 YEARS OR OLDER Missouri Revised Statutes 572.070 & 572.125
Montana MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Montana State Code 23-5-153
New Hampshire MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER New Hampshire Revised Statutes 647:2
New Jersey MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1941 New Jersey Statute 2C:37-7
New York MACHINES 30 YEARS OR OLDER New York Consolidated Laws 225.32
North Carolina MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER North Carolina General Statutes 14-309.1
North Dakota MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER North Dakota Century Code 12.1-28-02
Oklahoma MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Oklahoma State Statutes 21-964
Oregon MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Oregon Revised Statutes 167.147
Pennsylvania MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes 5513
South Dakota MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER South Dakota Codified Laws 22-25-14.1
Vermont MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1954 Vermont Statutes Title 13, Ch. 51, Sec. 2135
Washington MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Revised Code of Washington 9.46.235
Washington, DC MACHINES MANUFACTURED PRE – 1952 District of Columbia 22-1704
Wyoming MACHINES 25 YEARS OR OLDER Wyoming Statute 6-7-101
Alabama PROHIBITED AL Code Section 13A, Chapter 12, Article 2
Connecticut PROHIBITED Connecticut Chapter 946, Section 53-278a
Hawaii PROHIBITED Hawaii Statutes §712-1226
Indiana PROHIBITED Indiana Code 35-45-5-4
Nebraska PROHIBITED Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 28-1107
New Mexico PROHIBITED NM Gaming Control Bd. v. Ten Gaming Devices
South Carolina PROHIBITED South Carolina Code §12-21-2710
Tennessee PROHIBITED Tennessee Code §39-17-505
Wisconsin PROHIBITED Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 945