How we Authenticate Handbags

Authenticating a designer handbag can be quite challenging, especially when there are so many good “fakes” in the market place. We use a combination of our own personal experience and trusted authentication sites to authenticate whether a bag is real or fake. While we cannot disclose all of the methods we use to authenticate a bag, buyers can rest assured that we are very proactive about selling authentic bags on eBay. If you are interested in purchasing a handbag from us, from our eBay store, you can rest assured that all of our bags are rigorously reviewed before they are … Continue reading How we Authenticate Handbags

Hosting a Drop Off at Your Fundraising Event

Hosting a Drop Off  during your Fundraising Event is fairly simple and straightforward, and a great way to earn even more at your event. As people sign up for your event or when you announce your fundraising event, mention that you are also collecting gently used and new items to sell on eBay to benefit your group. Instruct donors to donate sellable items in good condition, and that can ship easily – no larger than a 12 x 12 x 12″ box – see a list of items we can accept and cannot accept and share with your event attendees. Select … Continue reading Hosting a Drop Off at Your Fundraising Event

Making A Best Offer on Ebay

Many of our items are listed with a best offer option, yet we are often surprised at how few people know how to negotiate a best offer price on eBay. When you find an item you like on eBay, and it features a best offer option, this means that the seller may be willing to negotiate a different price. Unlike an auction, a best offer option means that the seller might be willing to take less for an item. When you see a best offer option on eBay, you’ll have a chance at success if you make a reasonable offer. … Continue reading Making A Best Offer on Ebay

Book Grading Guide

When selling books online, we typically err on the conservative side, listing books a grade or category lower than one may typically expect them to be in. For instance, if a book does not appear to be used, except for minor wear on the jacket, we would list the book as Very Good. eBay only gives us a few options for listing books, and they include Brand New, Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable. Below are the guidelines eBay lists for each listing condition. Brand New A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged … Continue reading Book Grading Guide

How to Negotiate when Buying Online

At RI Consignment, we sell many products on eBay every day. We enjoy what we do and we love our customers. One of the most exciting parts of our business is negotiating with customers. In most of our listings, we will include a “Best Offer” option which lets our customers know that we are willing to haggle with them over the price. It’s fun to haggle and if you play your cards right, you just might get an item your eyeing for a really good price. On eBay, if someone lists an item with a “Best Offer” option, then that … Continue reading How to Negotiate when Buying Online

How to Shop Online for Collectibles

  Collectible items can be quirky and fun, rare and exotic, or just interesting. Oftentimes, collectors will shop the Internet looking for rare pieces to add to their collections. If you have a collection and you are looking to add to it, here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping online. Read the description thoroughly Don’t assume that if a collectible looks good it is in good condition. Read through the seller’s description carefully to learn as much as you can about the item. Be sure you ascertain whether the item has incurred any damage or unusual wear. … Continue reading How to Shop Online for Collectibles

Why Buying Used Designer Handbags Can be a Good Value

  Designer handbags are expensive and although there’s nothing like a brand new designer bag, in many cases, some used handbags are in like new condition and are a great value as compared with a brand new option. We see many used handbags during the course of our business and while some are gently loved and visibly used, others show no obvious sign of normal wear. In fact, most of the used handbags we sell don’t look like they’ve been used at all. The great part about buying a used designer handbag is not only can you find bags that … Continue reading Why Buying Used Designer Handbags Can be a Good Value

The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System

RI Consignment is pleased to offer The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System by KAC Industries.  The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System is the World’s Best Feeding System for Finicky Furry Friends. It features an 8″ white porcelain plate and a matching 7.25″ white porcelain water bowl. What makes The Pet Plate so different is the lower sides. Unlike traditional bowls, The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System features a lower profile side to appease even the most finicky of pets. No more dinging tags against the dish and the food stays put. The set is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and lead … Continue reading The Pet Plate Complete Feeding System

Comic Book Grading

At RI Consignment, we sell a variety of comic books for sale in our online store. As a general rule, we err on the lower side of the grading system when listing our comics for sale, to ensure that our customers are not disappointed with their comic purchase. This article will help you understand our grading system and how we rate our comics. We have compiled our information from a variety of trusted sources, including eBay, Comic Price Guide, and Heritage Auctions. All of these trusted sources offer their opinion on how comics should be graded when listing them and … Continue reading Comic Book Grading