Donation Drop Off Drive

Coordinating a Donation Drop Off Drive is fairly simple and straightforward, and a great community building initiative for your organization.

  • Notify your constituents that you are coordinating a donation drop off drive for those individuals who want to declutter
  • Post a flyer, send an email or notify users on social media that you are coordinating a drive for gently used and new items to sell on eBay to support your cause
  • Instruct donors to donate sellable items in good condition, and that can ship easily – no larger than a 12 x 12 x 12″ box
  • Select a location at your facility to collect items or ask donors to contact us for a FREE pickup
  • When you’ve received at least 6 trash bags or boxes, contact us to schedule a time for pick up, we are happy to pick up at individual locations or come on more than one occasion if necessary

Within a month, we will list your items for sale, with up to 40% of the proceeds being donated to your cause

Just One Donor Will Do It!

You really don’t need a lot of donors – just a few donors donating unwanted items can have a huge impact on your drive! It is not uncommon for us to receive 10 bags from just ONE donor.

Once your items are listed, you’ll be able to see the items to benefit your group on your eBay for Charity page. And it can really add up! Several of our partner charities are earning hundreds of dollars per month from their eBay sales.

From Pickup to Promotion – We Do It All

Once you collect items, you can forget about them. We handle everything from the point of pickup. We’ll market your items and attract the buyers. Your items will be available for sale to eBay buyers from all over the world; we ship worldwide. You can just sit back and focus on your mission – and you’ll receive your donations hassle free.

When items sell, your organization receives up to 50% of the proceeds for your cause, within 21 days automatically, from the Pay Pal Giving Fund from our account.

The More You Host, The More You’ll Make

You can host a drive once a month, once a quarter or once a year. Unlike traditional consignment shops that return your items after 3 months; our items remain for sale in our shop until they sell, because we only accept and sell sellable items.

Ready to Commit?

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Not Ready to Commit?

Learn more about fundraising with RI Consignment or how proceeds are allocated click here.

For marketing materials, including flyers, jpegs or sample posts, click here.

If you would like us to custom design a flyer with your event dates, drop off location and logo, contact us.

To see just what you can earn selling on eBay, read the ASPCA case study.

To schedule a pickup, click here.