Earn More From Donors

Are You Missing Out on 1/3 of Your Donors’ Giving Potential?

If your organization receives gifts of Time and Money from your existing donors, that is a great start, but it only accounts for about 2/3 of a donor’s giving potential.

Reach the full giving potential from each of your donors. Ask them to donate unwanted STUFF to your organization. We’re not talking junk or garbage, we’re talking about nice, gently used, clothing, household items, collectibles, designer handbags and other items that your donors no longer want or need. Tell them you are holding a donation drop off drive for nice items they no longer want, to be sold on eBay to benefit your cause. Collect the items in a central location, and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t think that unwanted STUFF can add up to much?


Consider this, recently on eBay, this very ordinary looking Vietnamese bowl sold for a whopping $75,000

Can you imagine receiving up to 50% of the proceeds from a sale like this?

Even without a possession like this, donated items sell for a lot more on eBay than they would at a thrift store or yard sale.

Recent sales of more common, everyday items*:

  • Authentic Coach Tea Rose Leather Bag – $899
  • Lladro Pinocchio Figurine $569
  • Disney Mary Poppins Snow Globe $715
  • Burberry Prorsum Alpaca Jacket $794

You just never know what someone has and is willing to part with and is willing to donate to your cause. In many cases, people just want to downsize and de-clutter so they are happy to donate unwanted items to benefit your cause.

Receive 1/3 More from Every Donor – Host a Donation Drop Off Drive

eBay for Charity has raised more than $725 million for charitable organizations from around the country, and we’d like your organization to be one of them. We’ll even donate a portion of the proceeds from 10 items currently for sale in our shop to you just for confirming you are registered with eBay for Charity. (This is a limited time offer, to the first 100 charities to confirm.)

Ready to get started earning up to 50% of the proceeds from the sale of donated items on eBay for Charity?

If Your Organization is already listed in the eBay for Charity Community, please confirm to receive proceeds from 10 items listed in our store.

Want to learn more? Learn more about eBay for Charity.

*Sales of this amount are not typical, but certainly possible and are actual sales that were made recently on eBay.