eBay for Charity Case Study – Sweet Binks Rescue

Wondering if your non profit can earn money on eBay for Charity?

Consider a recent Donation Drop Off Drive held by Sweet Binks Rescue.

Sweet Binks Rescue is a wildlife rehabilitation rescue located in Foster RI. Wildlife rehabilitators receive no financial assistance, funding or state/federal assistance for the work they do.  They operate entirely on donations and fundraising.  When a sick wildlife animal needs care, Sweet Binks Rescue assists with medical intervention and rehabilitation, ensuring that wildlife not only survive, but thrive in Rhode Island.

Recently, Sweet Binks Rescue held a Donation Drop Off Drive. They had never held a drive and had little expectations. They selected a central drop off location at one of their volunteer’s homes. They selected a date for the drop off and to their initial disappointment, less than 10 donors dropped off items to be sold on eBay for Charity. After all, it was still very cold with snow on the ground when they held their drive!

We then picked up their items at a time that was convenient for the volunteer.

We went through all of the items, wrote descriptions for each item, photographed each item and listed the sellable items for sale on eBay. In total, those 10 donors donated over 200 items (around 20 items each) to support a cause they care about. Items that were donated included brand new designer clothing with tags, and new shoes in the box, craft items, comforters, collectibles, vintage items, household items and designer handbags.

Within days of listing the items, several items sold almost immediately. We shipped the items to eBay buyers from all over the world – as far as the Russian Federation and beyond. After a few weeks, we had sold almost $1,000 worth of items, with 50% of the proceeds donated to Sweet Binks Rescue. Sweet Binks Rescue receives 50% without incurring any eBay fees, pay pal fees or shipping fees – we take care of all of that.

According to Pam Hood, executive director of Sweet Binks, she was surprised at how easy it was and she said, “I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of doing this! It far exceeded my expectations!”

How Can Your Organization Profit on eBay?

Unlike other fundraisers that take a lot of time, volunteers and coordination, our Donation Drop Off Drive is easy and quick.

Ask people to declutter for your cause. Post a flyer, send an email or post on social media or your website. Select a drop off location and a date. Collect the items then call us for a pickup. That’s it!

You will be surprised at the number of quality items you receive to benefit your cause. It’s simple – just ask!

Can we really get donors to donate items?

The answer is YES – everyone has clutter and stuff they no longer want, need or use. It can be just about anything from household items, clothes, handbags, video games – anything that can fit in a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ box is acceptable and can be sold on eBay.

Ready to start earning on eBay?

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