Social Distance Fundraising

In an era of social distancing, mask wearing, and limited indoor capacity – traditional fall and winter fundraising has been postponed for many non profits. With so many of your constituents staying home and tending to their home and family, now is the perfect time to ask them to declutter for your cause.

What is social distancing fundraising? It’s fundraising with very limited contact and done almost exclusively online.

How Does the Program Work?

  • Simply ask supporters to set aside unwanted gently used or new items that they no longer want, need or use.
  • Collect these items in a central but secure location, and on a date and time of your choosing, contact us to pick up your collected items.
  • We then sell the items we receive to eBay buyers from all over the world – earning you up to 40% of the proceeds from every one of your sellable donated items.

To become part of this program, your organization must be a 501C3. Once registered with the Pay Pal Giving Fund and subsequently, eBay for Charity, you can begin your collection drive.

Let’s Get Started

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Earn in Perpetuity

The great thing about this initiative is it is ongoing – whenever you receive donations and give them to us, we list and sell them, and you receive a portion of the proceeds – whenever they sell. There is no expiration date, no deadline, no limit as to how much you can earn – as long as your items sell, you receive an income stream from your eBay sales. Hold your donation drive once a month, once a quarter or once a year! As often as you like, for as long as you like. Unlike traditional consignment stores, items can remain in our store listed for sale indefinitely, until they are sold.


As an eBay partner working through the Pay Pal Giving Fund, any sales generated are passed through to your organization as a donation from RI Consignment so there is no UBTI to worry about – we sell, you receive donations – it’s that simple.

We guarantee you will receive donations the very first month after your items are listed for sale. 

Not sure it will work for your organization?

Our program is much easier than a yard sale, thrift store, or silent auction because we sell your eBay items for much more money per item and we sell to buyers from all over the world to bidders who often outbid one another! We guarantee you’ll make much more money selling on eBay than with any of these other options and with much less time and effort!

Think of it as having your very own resale store, with no overhead expenses and no employees, volunteers or inventory to manage. Simply promote and collect – and we do the rest!

Your organization will earn up to 40% of the sale price from every single item sold!

Don’t think there’s money in resale?

The fact is – the resale industry is predicted to reach $64 billion by 2028*. One of the most expensive items sold on eBay in 2019 was a rare 2000 Tom Brady autographed rookie trading card that sold for a record-breaking $400,100 in February 2019.

Let’s Get Started!

If  your Organization is already listed in the eBay for Charity Community or if you would like to confirm you are planning on registering, and to get started working with us and selling on eBay, please confirm here.

Already gathered your items? Schedule a pickup.

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*National Association of Resale Professionals