School Fundraiser

Many schools are facing cutbacks in art programs, music, sports, cultural enrichment, language arts and more. There is a budget crisis at most schools in our area, and many schools are scrambling to figure out how to raise money to continue these programs for our children.

We have developed an easy, yet profitable program designed to helps schools earn regular income over the course of an entire school year, and beyond. We’re not talking pennies on the dollar. Our fundraisers earn enough money for schools to continue to support the programs our children care about most. Our program is easier to coordinate than a bake sale, and a lot less calories too!

The best part about our program? No one in your school community has to buy a thing!

How Does the Program Work?

  • Simply ask each student to bring in 1-2 gently used or new items that they no longer want or need (with their parent’s permission of course) OR you can ask Faculty, Staff or PTO parents to declutter instead – it’s your choice. Items to collect include clothing, handbags, collectibles, vintage items, household items, electronics, video games, etc. It can be anything that can fit in a 12” x 12” x 12” box, so no furniture, awkward, large, bulky or heavy items.
  • Collect these items in a central but secure location, and on a date and time of your choosing, contact us to pick up your collected items.
  • We will then peruse the items and photograph, list, sell and ship the sellable items we receive to eBay buyers from all over the world.

Your school will earn up to 50% of the sale price from every single item sold! There are eBay for Charity organizations making thousands of dollars monthly from donated items.

In fact, nonprofit organizations in the eBay for Charity community have made over $725 million, and we’d like your school to earn your share.

To become part of this program, your PTO must be a 501C3 or must register with eBay for Charity using the school’s 501C3 status. Once registered with eBay for Charity, you can begin your collection drive.

How to Get Started?

What Happens After the Pickup?

After we pickup your items, we will inventory, photograph, list, sell and ship your items on eBay – one of the world’s largest and most popular online stores, to eBay shoppers from around the world. We pay all of the eBay fees, store fees, Pay Pal fees and shipping fees, so your organization can receive the maximum benefit possible.

Once the items are listed for sale in our store, you will receive a proprietary link to your school’s eBay for Charity page, to share with your school community, so that everyone can see the items for sale to benefit your school, and exactly how much is to be donated. Members of your school community can purchase items that benefit your school, or they will be available to millions of eBay buyers from around the world. We can ship items just about anywhere in the world.

Once an item sells, your organization will receive your proceeds directly from eBay through the Pay Pal Giving Fund, without incurring any fees whatsoever. It is a completely transparent and automated process, with your proceeds going directly to your organization’s Pay Pal account within 21 days of the sale.

Depending on the number of items we receive in sellable condition, will determine the revenue stream you can expect to receive. Some of our clients have just one donation drive and they receive monthly income for a year or more, from their eBay sales. Many schools we work with have one Donation Drop Off Drive per year and they receive an income stream for the entire school year and beyond. The better quality products you receive, the more money your group will make.

Ready to Get Started?

This program is typically coordinated by a PTO or school steering committee, but it is simple enough that one person can lead the entire program. We even provide all of the marketing materials, at no cost, to help you promote the program among your school community.

To get started, your organization will need to register with eBay for Charity. To check if your school is already registered or to learn more: Click here to learn how to get started.

If your organization is already registered with eBay for Charity or if would like to receive more information from us about this program, complete the form. 

Not sure if it’s worth your time or effort to sell on eBay?

Read the ASPCA case study to see what they earn and how much you can expect to earn by selling on eBay.